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I’m Nadine Zamira Syarief, just Nadine will do. Find me elsewhere as @naynadine. I’ve been in love with the earth for as long as I can remember, and I feel it's mutual. But like any meaningful relationship, I have quite a complicated one with this planet. My quest to understand it better has shaped most major decisions (and choices) in my life.


My weapons of choice in my journey of understanding are communications and education; it led me to found this agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I've also been engaged by various organizations in communication roles on issues such as conservation, green cities, climate change education and sustainable commodities. Indeed, my biggest revelation working in the environmental space has been to realize how absolutely necessary it is to comprehend the human dimensions ---why people choose to do what they do (and don’t). After all, people are central to both problems and solutions. For a chronic introvert who only wanted to be left alone with the trees and animals, this was a major challenge, but I am on a mission! 


After 8 years professionally in the field, I decided to go back to school for further answers and found myself lucky enough to graduate from one of the best  forestry and environmental studies schools on the globe. Yet still, my exploration continues. Talking about issues like climate change is difficult, dealing with it is even harder. So this space is a where I share my personal experiences and struggles as I seek to understand the choices we make as individuals and as a society --- and how it impacts the planet. I write about my travels, thoughts, observation, and ideas dedicated to disentangling complex issues into meaningful connections. However as my brain is a constant jumble of half-baked ideas and fragmented thoughts, I suspect that these entries will at best be honest emotions about things I feel are important but may be short of a synthesis. Nevertheless, I hope we can start a conversation. I write either in English or Indonesian, interchangeably.  


Thanks for choosing to come over! 



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Some of my babbling thoughts and haphazard work can be found here:


A few awards they said I deserved ;p :

  • Indonesian-ASEAN Youth Ambassador (Duta Muda ASEAN), held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • Miss Indonesia Earth 2009
  • Recipient of “People’s Choice Award,” Miss Earth International Pageant 2009
  • Special Acknowledgement & Award as Enviropreneur and Environmental Activist, by Femina Media Group
  • Brand Ambassador, BaGoesBag Reusable Bag, Greeneration Indonesia
  • Marketeers WOW : 50 Creative Youth/Women/Netizen #YWN50 -2014
  • Marketeers Magazine “30 under 30” entrepreneurs -2015
  • Ziliun.com #ziliun21 “Women Who Shape Indonesia Today”
  • “She CAN” Inspiring Women Award, held by Tupperware and Trans7 TV
  • Tokoh Metro Tempo, 2016